Why Using WordPress Will Benefit Your Website

There are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet right now. However, not all of these sites are up to scratch. Without a well-designed and developed site, you could end up missing out on valuable customers.


Each time someone visits your company website, you have a chance to sell them on your product or service. An outdated website, however, could scare them off. That’s only one of the many reasons why using WordPress for your website can boost your business.

Keep reading to discover the top five benefits of using WordPress!

After reading this guide, you’ll see why more companies are making the switch.

1. Easy Updates from Anywhere

You’re busy running your business. Chances are you’re not sitting in front of a computer all day, especially if you interact with suppliers or customers.

With a WordPress website, it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. You can update your website from any time, anywhere, with just a few clicks. All you need is an internet connection!

Once your website is developed, designed, and online, you can access the backend from your phone or computer. Then, you can post new blogs, check comments, or reply to form submissions. Everything is easily accessible from your dashboard.

WordPress is browser-based. That means you can log-in from any device that’s connected to the internet. The easy ability to manage your site at any point in your day is one of the reasons why using WordPress is so convenient.

Otherwise, you’ll have to make time to update your website. That could cause you to lose valuable face time with customers, which could hurt your business.

You can log into your site from any device that's connected to the internet. The easy ability to manage your site at any point in your day is one of the reasons why using WordPress is so convenient.

2. Ideal for Content Marketing

Are you trying to attract more people to your white papers, articles, or other pieces of content? One of the benefits of using WordPress is that it’s ideal for aggressive content marketing.

Without fresh content, you’ll fail to attract people to your website. Remember, content is king! An optimized website with fresh, unique content will help you attract more visitors.

You can also update your website with ease to promote new products, upcoming campaigns, and more. As you update your content, you can boost your SEO ranking and build more credibility in your industry.

One of the benefits of using WordPress is that it's ideal for aggressive content marketing.

3. Designer and Developer Availability

50% of small businesses have a website. While 70 to 80% of consumers will research a business online before making a purchase, 38% will leave your site if it’s unappealing.

If your website falls behind with the latest design trends, you’ll need to find a designer or developer that can help. WordPress’s large user base makes it easier for you to find a talented professional with the skills you need.

WordPress makes it easy for any designer, developer, or firm to step in and work on your site. In fact, WordPress is the preferred platform for many designers.

WordPress’s design and development functionality work on a universal, open-source platform. As a result, it’s easier for you to switch from one designer to another. If you need someone to update your site, you won’t have to worry about finding a needle in a haystack who understands your backend!

In fact, using WordPress makes it easier for you to customize your site’s design as you see fit. Not all the new platforms available are built for custom theme development. Instead, other builders make it more difficult for you to make the large design edits you’re hoping for.

Those changes don’t always hold up well over time, either, especially as your plugins and themes require updates. That’s one of the reasons why using WordPress is the better choice: it can make your life so much easier now and in the future.


Over time, you might decide to add new products or services to your business. Your website will need to reflect accordingly to keep your customers up-to-date.

You might even grow from a small business into a national company with multiple locations.

Either way, one of the advantages of WordPress is its ability to grow as you do. Other platforms are meant for small businesses. As your company grows, you’ll want a site that grows as you do.

Otherwise, your site won’t offer the functionality you need.

4. Available Plugins and Themes

WordPress offers everything you need to easily create a basic website. If you want to really draw customers in, however, you can add plugins to your site to extend its functionality.

Plugins are small pieces of code that are pre-built to perform specific tasks. For example, you can add a plugin to create:

  • Shopping carts
  • Contact forms
  • Photo galleries

Plugins will make it easier for you to customize your website with your specific goals in mind.

These plugins will make it easier for you to customize your website with your specific goals in mind.

WordPress allows you access to a directory of hundreds of plugins. You can use these plugins to customize your website and add additional site features. Many custom plugins are available from third-party developers, giving you endless opportunities to make a basic website so much more.

If you can’t find the plugin you’re looking for, a talented developer can create custom functionality and API integrations when you need something specific!


There is an array of themes available for your website, too. WordPress themes can influence the appearance and functions of your website. There’s a growing directory of basic themes as well as premium themes depending on what you need.

In addition to WordPress’ own theme directory, you can also purchase others through design marketplaces and third-party designers. An experienced WordPress designer and developer can even adjust an existing theme so it looks and functions the way you want.

As more people start using WordPress, the library of pre-existing themes grows, too. There are even themes available for specific businesses and industries, making it easier for you to find what you need.

As a result, your site will do everything you need it to with ease!

5. The Community Offers Support

The size of WordPress’s userbase means you won’t have to dig around to find the help you need. Instead, it’s much easier to find designers and developers with years of WordPress experience under their belts. The range of professionals available also means you can choose from different skill levels and price points.

If you’re having an issue with your website, there’s an entire community of WordPress users who can offer support. WordPress is free and open-source, allowing users around the world to come together and help one another.

These WordPress lovers make changes to WordPress’ source files to keep it updated and secure. The WordPress community is also available to answer your questions, provide helpful tools, and expand your knowledge base, giving you the opportunity to do more with your website.

Building Business Success: 5 Reasons Why Using WordPress Will Benefit Your Business

Ready to start building your business? Switching to WordPress can give your site the power it needs to increase leads and drive sales.

Now that you know why using WordPress will benefit your company, it’s time for an upgrade!

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