How to Increase Shopify Conversion Rate (5 Proven Ways)

Wondering how you can increase Shopify conversion rates in your store?  Fret not my fellow Shopifier! We’re here to help! Buckle up for the long term because optimizing your site to improve the conversion rate is an ongoing process. We’re here to help get you started.

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To see fewer page and cart abandonments this year, keep reading. Below you’ll find the five pro tips to optimize your site and boost your profits in no time.

1. Create a Killer Homepage Design

Your homepage is often the first place a user lands, making it an essential first impression website visitorsget of your brand. Your homepage is your website’s digital storefront and the jumping-off point in which users are introduced to your brand.

For this reason, you want to reel in your customers by capturing their attention and igniting their curiosity. Your homepage should have a thoughtful user interface and the user experience should guide them in the direction you would like them to go. Make sure all elements of the home page are visually appealing and provide a consistent experience.

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This should all work together to achieve your overall goal: conversion. Your user journey should guide them to the products they are interested in purchasing. To design an effective website, you will want to make sure it is built with the user journey in mind. You don’t want to turn website visitors away by overwhelming them with a busy homepage filled with too much text or too many images.

Instead, create a clean, straightforward design that is in line with your brand and visually appealing. Make any text simple and straightforward with a clear call to action (CTA). Your CTA should lead either 1) capture their email address or 2) direct them to a product or collection to purchase. It’s best to include a single image or a slideshow of images showcasing a new collection, a current promotion, or your best-selling products.

Ultimately, you want to ensure that your website is incorporating beautiful design while also making sure your website visitors have all the necessary information they need to learn more about your products, brand, and services.

Your homepage is like your website's storefront. For this reason, you want to make sure you are reeling customers in by capturing their attention and igniting their curiosity. Your homepage should be both inviting and easy to navigate.

2. Gain Social Proof With Testimonials, Badges, and Product Reviews

Establish your brand’s trust with testimonials, badges, reviews, or awards. This will allow you to build credibility and social proof around your brand, making website visitors comfortable purchasing from you.

Many customers seek social proof to quell their doubts or hesitation about purchasing from a new store. Great reviews can convince customers that they will be purchasing a high-quality product that will provide them value. User reviews also help customers make more informed decisions about what size or color of an item would be best.

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3. Perfect Your Product Pages

If you want your website visitors to purchase your products, you need to make sure your product pages are selling for you. Your product pages need to clearly display the value that buying the product could offer the customer. The better your product pages display your products, the less room there is for the consumer to experience doubt or frustration.

A key factor of product pages is the images of your products. You want to make sure your images are as high-quality as possible and that you show images of your products from multiple angles. Try to include images that evoke your products’ accurate feel, size, and look.


A product video that shows the item in use is an added bonus for customers that want to imagine how they will use the product in their real lives. You also want to provide your customers with all the information they need regarding your product.

Additionally, let customers sign up to receive notifications when a product they are interested in is back in stock. This will increase the chances that they come back to make a purchase with you. Last, give your customers information on your products by displaying product reviews on the product pages.

The better your product pages are at displaying your products, the less room there is for the consumer to experience doubt or frustration.

4. Entice Your Website Visitors

As soon as a customer lands on your homepage, you want to entice them, which you can do by evoking a sense of urgency. Use welcome bars or popups to offer website visitors discounts or special offers. These can range from a percentage off their first purchase or a code for subscribing to your newsletter. This is a great way to retain the attention of your website visitors while turning them into a customer.


5. Transparency Is Key

Be transparent on your website in order to avoid misleading your customers. Be upfront about prices, shipping policy, out-of-stock products, and delivery time. You don’t want customers to reach their cart only to find out shipping is going to cost them $29.99 on that $20 hat. #abandonedcart

Display your return policy clearly on your site. This reinforces customer confidence in buying from you. They know what will happen in the event a return or exchange is needed. This relieves customer concerns about your process if a product isn’t to their satisfaction.

Be upfront about your prices, shipping costs, out of stock products, and delivery time. You don't want to mislead customers with unexpected details.

Optimize Your Shopify Conversion Rate

Hopefully these five tips will help you increase the Shopify conversion rate in your store. Make your Shopify website as successful as possible with the 5 tips above starting today.

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