7 Reasons Why Website Support is Crucial for Your Business

Are you running an eCommerce or business website? Or are you in the middle of putting up one? Then you need to come up with a business website that is fast, efficient, and user-friendly.

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Unfortunately, not all small businesses in the United States have websites. About 36% don’t have a site, making it harder for them to reach their target market.

But even if you already have a site, it doesn’t mean everything will be smooth-sailing. Some problems may hound your website sooner or later. Thus, the need for reliable website support is essential.

But what exactly are the benefits of small business support? Continue reading below for seven of the best reasons why you need website support.

1. Regular Maintenance and Timely Updates

One of the key benefits of website support is a regular maintenance service. This is crucial, considering the changes and trends that happen in the tech world.

If your website looks dated, it will not appeal to prospective clients. But with regular maintenance, you can ensure that your site is up-to-date with the latest in user experience (UX) design.

Website support can give you timely updates and ensure your site stays up-to-date with all the best practices. This will ensure the alignment of your site with Google’s latest algorithms, in turn, increasing the chances of landing on Google’s page 1 search results.

If you need a team to keep your website up to date and secured, WhatArmy is a great choice to provide proactive, WordPress maintenance, design, development, API integration, and marketing services.

Website support can ensure your site stays up-to-date with all the best practices!

2. Address Integration Issues

Another important reason to invest in website support is the need to address third-party integration concerns. This applies regardless of your site’s CMS.

Integrations pertain to various website elements that come from other platforms. Google Maps is an example of a platform that offers elements that you can integrate with your WordPress or Shopify website.

Similarly, plugins are add-ons that can improve back-end functionality and UX as well as provide additional site features.

Though both integration services and plugins aim to improve your site’s UX, they do not come without flaws. You will hear news of plugins breaking down and causing sitewide issues or being abandoned by development teams – causing serious compatibility issues as platform updates come around.

When the CMS goes through a round of updates, plugins may suddenly stop working or break your site altogether. To address this, you need to update your plugins individually and ensure they have been tested with the most recent version of your CMS. With website support, all this is taken care of for you.

Website support will keep tabs on these deadlines and dates and take care of the behind the scenes work so you can focus on the forefront aspects of your business.

3. Reminds You Important Details

Running an eCommerce or business website is no joke. As the demand for your products and/or services goes up, so does the time you spend focusing on your customers.

In turn, you tend to forget some important tasks concerning your website management. Some of these small yet crucial details include renewing your domain or updating your current theme. In some cases, neglecting these seemingly minor tasks can result in downtime and can spell the difference between having an optimized site and a site that lags behind the competition.

Website support will keep tabs on these deadlines and dates and take care of the behind the scenes work so you can focus on the forefront aspects of your business.

4. A Lifeline Against Hacking

If there is one thing that should convince you to invest in website support, it is the risk of hacking. The internet is full of hackers that attack all sorts of businesses. Unfortunately, about 60% of small companies that become victims of cyber-crimes close within the next six months after the incident.

Sure, your WordPress site comes with built-in security features. However, they are not hacker-proof. And hackers tend to up their game whenever a new system update comes along.

Through top-notch website support, you can increase your site’s protection against hacking and up your security. It can secure your sensitive data, especially your logins and your clients’ personal information.

And in case your site falls to hackers, dependable website support is on-call to undo any damage that has been done and safely restore your site.

5. Personalized Support

Another key benefit you can enjoy from website support is personalization. Instead of doing all the research concerning troubleshooting, you can talk to a real person who can help resolve your problems.

Whether it’s via phone, chat, or email, expect to receive the proper assistance you need.

Issues may differ from one site to another. Through a personalized approach included with website support, you can be sure you are getting the right answers you need.

Whether it’s via phone, chat, or email, expect to receive the proper assistance you need through website support.

6. Request New Features

If you already have your site up and running, there will likely be no problems during the first few months. While there may be no apparent cause for concern, you may find that some current features may not be the best ones to cater to your customers. With your business ever-evolving, you will occasionally need to add new content or functionalities to your site.

Hence, with website support, you can send feature requests to your website manager and leave it to the experts to take care of the nitty-gritty details.

Website support can take care of the nitty-gritty details of implementing new functionalities into and content onto your site.

7. Get on Top with Analytics

Last but not least, website support can help you enjoy the benefits of analytics. Understanding website analytics can help you pinpoint the reasons behind some of your site’s performance issues. You can also leverage this data to curate content and understand what visitors are looking for on your site.

For example, analytics can tell you if your site is experiencing an increase in bounce rates. A high bounce rate means your visitors are waiting too long for your site to load. Hence, you already know that you have loading problems with your pages. From there, you can zoom in on the problem and address it accordingly.

Website support will get you set up with the right analytics tool and offer ongoing help in understanding the data and applying appropriate solutions.

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Through reliable website support, you can keep your website competitive. You can also protect your data and keep your customers happy while shopping online. And if you’re looking for experts who can help improve your website’s performance, then you came to the right place.

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