5 Proven Strategies to Boost Shopify Traffic

Running an eCommerce store can come with its own trials. One of the hurdles to having a successful online store is generating more site traffic to hopefully secure some sales.

This holds true even when it comes to your shopping website hosted by Shopify. Shopify is just a host and doesn’t generate traffic for you, that’s all on you. So how will you generate traffic to your shop?

No need to fear, we have come up with five great ways you can boost your Shopify traffic. Keep reading below to see what we recommend.

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1. Product Blurbs Are Important Content Marketing Techniques

The words are just as important as the pictures when it comes to your Shopify store. The pictures should be eye-catching and draw the customer in, but you should also focus on your descriptions.

The content that you include on each product page is important. This is a chance for you to explain or describe a product. You can even use written content to tell customers why they need the specific product they are looking at.

Ideally, your written content will be the last push customers need to buy the product they are viewing. These descriptions or information should only be a few sentences to keep shoppers focused.

1. Product Blurbs Are Important Content Marketing Techniques

2. Upsell Your Products To Generate More Traffic Later

Upselling is an approach to have the customer buy more items and bring in more revenue to your business or shop. Upselling can work in one of two ways when it comes to your Shopify shop.

The first way upselling can be used is to try to get the customer to buy a more luxurious version of the same product they are viewing. Maybe you offer one style of the purse but one is cheaper and made out of less expensive materials than the other style made out of high-quality leather.

The second example is adding an item to the customer’s order. By making small, trial-sized items available for just a few dollars the customer will be interested in adding it to their cart to try a new product for a few dollars without making the commitment of buying the full-priced item. This means customers will come back later to buy the full-sized and put a few extra dollars into your revenue.

When a customer goes to check out you can implement an upsell option. This option can offer the alternative version of the product that’s more luxurious or even show a sample or smaller product for the customer to add to their cart.

2. Upsell Your Products To Generate More Traffic Later

3. Use Instagram To Your Advantage

One way to boost traffic into your shop is to market to customers on social media. One of the best social media platforms you can use to market your business and items is Instagram. Another upside to using Instagram is that it can connect directly to your Shopify shop, making it ideal for boosting traffic on your site.

Use Instagram to show how to use products or even create excitement over new releases. You can re-post images of customers actually using your products and post photos of new merchandise. Instagram lets you market to your customers and even provides them with shopping ease by putting direct links to buy items right in the photo.

3. Use Instagram To Your Advantage

4. Use Email Campaigns

You’re probably thinking emails are annoying and not a lot of people look at them. You’re not entirely wrong, so how will email campaigns help boost traffic to your site?

By offering email-list-only deals such as early access to sales and exclusive coupons, you will boost traffic to your site and boost your sales. This also means people will be more likely to open your emails and check out your campaign if they believe they are getting an exclusive deal.

Looking to use the best email marketing provider for Shopify? Check out Klaviyo today, our favorite Shopify partner.

4. Use Email Campaigns

5. Reduce the Number Of Carts Left Behind

Every time a customer abandons their cart it’s money lost for you and your business. So how will you stop people from abandoning their carts and buying items?

The answer is simple, an email recovery campaign. This can be set up through Shopify for people who put things in their carts and then leave.

You can tailor the recovery email to your liking and customize it to your heart’s content. You should create an email that is quirky and also makes the customer remember why they stopped by and wanted this item in the first place.

Ideally, this email will provoke customers to make that impulse buy and push them to visit your site again. This means more traffic and more money in your pocket.

5. Reduce the Number Of Carts Left Behind

Now It’s Time To Increase Your Shopify Traffic

We have told you five foolproof ways to increase your Shopify Traffic. You now know the importance of creating a product blurb to give that final push to the customer to buy an item. You know that sending an email a few hours after a cart has been abandoned will bring the customer back and secure a sale.

You also know that Instagram is your friend and can boost traffic by letting potential customers see how your products perform and how other customers use them in everyday life. Lastly, you know the secret to upselling and how it can boost traffic later on after a customer falls in love with a product they didn’t know about or haven’t considered before.

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