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What is it?

SEO is essential for maintaining and improving your site’s index ranking. Search Engines, like Google, index and rank your site based on specified criteria and determine where in the search results your site will populate. SEO plugins guide you in optimizing your site to appeal to crawlers and get your site to the top of the search results. The higher up you are on the list, the more traffic and visitors your site will get.

Google’s algorithm for indexing involves ranking factors such as site speed, number of links, site structure, content, and much more. SEO plugins work to optimize these factors so you can compete against other sites with similar content and specific search terms and reach the top of the search results.

Why should you care?

Adding an SEO plugin is the first step in optimizing your site. And while it seems like installing and activating is all it takes to get going, there is a bit more to it. Properly setting up an SEO plugin is the minimum to start taking control of your site and make sure the right people are seeing it.


Let us do the work!

We are happy to:

  • Install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin on your site. You have the option of the free or Premium version (for a comparison of the two versions, visit https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/)
  • Activate and adjust display to show custom titles/tags in page view
  • Check Sitemap and ensure that it is working normally
  • Check pages and ensure that metadata is being published properly
  • Add Customer provided titles and descriptions on T&M Basis
  • Add basic titles and descriptions based on site content on T&M Basis

Review and provide a report on possible optimizations that can be made, which can include:

  • Writing up meta-tags for all your most important pages (these are short descriptions of the page’s content that will be displayed below the page link in Google Search results)
  • Adding canonical tags to all pages (eliminates issues of duplicate content on different URLs)
  • Fixing and redirect 404 Page Not Found errors (these errors make it hard for Google’s bots to crawl your site and can decrease your site’s ranking)


We know you want to know how much your project will cost, but we need a little more information to give you a fair estimate.

Time to call in the ‘A’ Team?

Still have a couple lingering questions? Talk to someone on our team and they will answer your questions and point you in the right direction