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What is it?

Launching a site isn’t just cutting over your domain to a new server or replacing all your old site files with new files.  There are a few additional things that need to be taken care of during this process.

Why should you care?

A website that does not go through a proper checklist of pre and post launch reviews can end up losing SEO value, directing visitors to broken or non existent pages, or functionality that worked in staging may break after launch (to name a few horror items).  You want to make sure that you get the full benefit of all the time and money that went into building a new website to ensure there are no problems when you send out your news blast.

Let us do the work!

  • Perform Pre Launch checks
    • Current Analytics codes
    • Current IP and basic DNS information
    • Current hosting information
    • SSL Status
    • Redirects are setup for old urls or account for any domain changes
    • Redirects are setup properly
    • Any 404 pages needed are setup
    • Etc.
  • Ensure that the site meets general launch standards:
    • everything is up to date
    • site meets all best practices prior to launch
  • Check DNS (where applicable) to ensure that no issues will be caused with seemingly unrelated services (e.g. email) by the launch of a new site
  • Perform pre-launch preparation tasks on the site. Some examples are
    • Perform Pre Launch backups
    • Perform Search and Replace to prepare site for launch
    • Test functionality prior to DNS changes
    • Address any SSL issues, etc.
  • Launch the site
    • Execute on DNS Changes,
  • Perform Post launch checks
    • Ensure that all systems are functioning normally and that all items reviewed during the prepartions have transferred properly.

Cost: 2-4 hours

Time to call in the ‘A’ Team?

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