Spring Cleaning Your Website

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What is it?

Over a year a lot builds up on a site and a lot of best practices change. We use spring cleaning as an opportunity to review and audit your site for easy opportunities to improve functionality, long term health, and preventative maintenance.

Why should you care?

Having broken and unnecessary items on a website (whether they are broken links or broken plugins) results in two situations: 1) a slow site, and 2) an insecure site. Both of these things decrease traffic and conversions.

Read our blog post for more details!

Let us do the work!

We will:

  • Plugin audit:
    Remove unused plugins
    Identify discontinued plugins and assess risks
    Check licensing for active plugins
  • Theme Audit:
    Check theme licensing
    Check for known deprecated code and review error logs
    Spend 1 hour looking to address theme generated errors
  • Test all documentation, identify any password information that has changed, confirm change was intentional
  • Review user accounts, and remove/disable any that are no longer needed
  • Broken Link Scan and spend 1 hour fixing broken links
  • Spend 2 hours optimizing speed of site, to get sites out of the red
  • Review any mobile problems on site, Spend 1 hour on fixing items picked out by Google scans
  • Check site via FTP and look for any old files which may present a security risk. Old Backups etc.
  • Identify highest traffic pages by looking at analytics, check for any optimizations etc that can be run there
  • Run Google search and look at 2 pages or 20 results, and how the pages are registering with Google, and what is actually being read
  • Check/update Copyright date and set it to automatically update yearly with a variable
  • Help all admin users reset their passwords
  • Remove old page revisions (WP Optimization, WordPress saved revisions where applicable)
  • Clear spam comments
  • Activate Akismet if spam comments are being posted
  • Run database optimizer to shrink database


We know you want to know how much your project will cost, but we need a little more information to give you a fair estimate.

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