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What is it?

Because WordPress is built as a blogging platform the ability to auto accept visitor comments is setup by default.  The problem is, if you are lucky – you have hundreds of real comments and just a few spam comments, if you’re not you have thousands of spam comments for the world to see and no real comments.

The other side of this is fake form submissions.  If you have a contact form, or any collection forms on your site fake form submissions can quickly overtake your inbox.

Why should you care?

Depending on the function and purpose of your site, comments may or may not be appropriate. If comments are not being actively monitored, we suggest disabling the comments feature completely to eliminate the possibility of security breaches through spam. If comments are in fact enabled and closely monitored, we suggest installing and activating a plugin  to make sure no stray inappropriate comments make it through.

Let us do the work!

  • Update any necessary plugins to the most current stable version
  • Adjust WP dashboard comment settings
  • Configure a connection to the Google API & setup ReCAPTCHA)
  • Configure Gravity forms or your form setup to integrate with ReCAPTCHA
  • Configure Gravity Forms or your form setup to integrate with Akismet for spam filtering
  • Clear any existing Spam from the site (as requested)
  • Configure Comment Spam filtering using Akismet (upon request)

Cost: 1 hour

Time to call in the ‘A’ Team?

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