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What is it?

Website optimization is the process of improving portions of your site to increase your website’s success in achieving business goals. Website optimization can fall into many buckets depending on your point of view (SEO, development, speed, marketing funnel & conversions, etc.). At WhatArmy, we like to focus on development improvements that will help with speed, accessibility, and SEO.

Why should you care?

Over 50% of mobile visitors will leave a website that takes over three seconds to load, according to the Akamai Online Retail Performance Report, and a less than one second delay hurts online ecommerce sales by 7%. Now these statistics are for people that actually make it to your website. However, speed also plays a part in your overall SEO ranking, so it’s impacting your overall visibility on the internet as well as your ability to keep visitors who elect to visit you.

Optimizations are not something that gets fixed once and are then good to go forever. Site updates, plugin changes, new images, and changes in your host are just a few examples of things that happen on a daily and monthly basis and impact your site performance. Monitoring your site’s health is an ongoing effort and improvements need to be made regularly.


Let us do the work!

We are happy to:

  • Determine what aspects of optimization are most important (SEO development and improvements such as broken link scans, orphaned links, missing h1 and h2 tags, etc.) (Development optimizations such as defer and consolidate CSS & JavaScript, properly size images, review redirects, setup a CDN)
  • Review your site against a number of optimization reports to determine overall health and key areas that could have the most impact on optimization
  • Create a plan for implementing improvements


We know you want to know how much your project will cost, but we need a little more information to give you a fair estimate.

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