Setup Database Driven Forms

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What is it?

Database driven forms save form submissions to your website database. This allows them to be saved for future reference outside of the original email address they were sent to.

Why should you care?

Sometimes emails are sent to spam or accidentally deleted. Having forms saved in a database allows you to recover submissions that are no longer accessible within your email. This also means that if the email address forms are being sent to are ever achieved (or employees leave) you do not have to keep the email active for historical form data.

Let us do the work!

We will:

  • Review current form setup
  • Evaluate the number of forms and complexity (payments, conditional logic, etc.)
  • Setup Gravity Forms plugin
  • Duplicate forms in new plugin
  • Test forms in staging or draft pages to confirm submissions send properly
  • Move new forms to live
  • Decommission old forms
  • Remove old form plugin


This task will take 1-2 hours to complete depending on the volume and complexity of the forms.

Time to call in the ‘A’ Team?

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