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What is it?

G Suite is a series of productivity tools and collaboration software developed by Google.  This includes Gmail, Google Drive (along with G Docs, Sheets, etc.). G Suite offers different levels of service with basic items like free email and more advanced plans with custom domains and server storage.

Why should you care?

Like any robust tool, the more time and care you put in to setting it up properly, the more value you’ll get out of it.  G Suite, like most Google products, is very user friendly and intuitive; however, there are questions or setup items that can be tricky to answer when setting up for a company or when migrating to something new.

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Let us do the work!

We will:

  • Aid with sign up for new G Suite Account
  • Configure up to 5 mailboxes within the G Suite interface
  • Prepare billing so that all settings can be finalized upon login
  • Configure up to 5 distribution groups
  • Execute on all required domain validation processes with Google
  • Update DNS to point to new Google Mailboxes
  • Provide documentation to connect to the new mailboxes
  • Test mail flow and document all settings for future reference


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