Malware/Security Exploit/Hacked Site Clean up

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What is it?

Adware, spyware, viruses, ransomware, etc. are all types of different malware (malicious software). Essentially any script or software developed to harm people, devices, applicata, or data falls under this scope.

Why should you care?

You may think since there are no inappropriate ads popping up when visitors come to your site that you can live with the compromise. However, there are a lot of other repercussions, such as: being blacklisted by google, your hosting provider may shut down your site, and browsers may give warnings or blocked people from visiting your site.

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Let us do the work!

  • Confirm that a site is in fact infected with malicious code, and that any complaints from users/search engines/blacklists are in fact valid
  • Identify and remove any malicious code from the site using a combination of manual reviews and automated scannning tools
  • Determine how the site was exploited and look to close any loopholes
  • Replace all core WordPress and Plugin files with known good versions of the software
  • Update all Plugins and Core WordPress files to the latest stable versions
  • Change all WordPress Administrator level account passwords (approval from client required)
  • Change Database passwords (Assuming appropriate permissions are provided)
  • Change FTP passwords (approval from client required)
  • Re-scan site using multiple tools to ensure that site is clear
  • Coordinate removal from any Blacklists that the site may have been added to
  • Request removal of malicious content from Google search results (where applicable)


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