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What is it?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a project that is sponsored by Google and contributed to by many other leading web companies and developers. The idea behind AMP is to allow mobile content to load almost instantaneously, therefore, allowing browsers and social media platforms to serve up your content faster.

Why should you care?

There is a debate within the community whether you actually need to care about AMP pages or not. Two types of websites should look into installing AMP

  1. news, magazine, and blogging sites. A lot of people read content on their phones and slow loading content is likely to have attrition, not to mention it’s less likely to be shared on social media (where it will also load slowly).
  2. e-commerce stores. An increasing amount of purchases are beginning to happen online, and having a slimmed down version of your products on mobile could help increase conversions.

If you are not a heavy blogger nor an e-commerce store – then it depends. It is not a secret that slow loading pages cause visitors to leave your website. The questions are how many of your visitors are coming from mobile, how much will AMP pages improve your user experience, and will that enhanced experience result in activity worth investing in (such as increased sales leads).

Let us do the work!

We are happy to make these preparations for you.
We will:

  • Install the AMP plugin for WordPress on staging
  • Determine which pages will be converted or added as AMP
  • Review these pages and redevelop one to two templates to meet AMP criteria and specifications
  • Setup proper canonical links for duplicate content, so Google knows which pages to serve up
  • Validate the new AMP pages to ensure no errors are appearing
  • Where applicable, integrate with existing Google Products such as Google AMP cache


We know you want to know how much your project will cost, but we need a little more information to give you a fair estimate.

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