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What is it?

Image optimization is the processes of taking an image that has large dimensions and a high pixel density and decreasing its file size while not compromising the quality of the image. When people think of image sizes for their website they focus on two of three important factors: Image pixel dimensions (how large or small it will appear on the site) and pixel density (the overall quality level of an image), however image file size plays a large part in a websites success. Image file size tends to increase dramatically the higher the pixel density and the large the image. So if you have a nice big homepage slider or hero image, chances are that image file might be pretty big.

Why should you care?

Having large image files can dramatically decrease the speed of your site on both desktop and mobile. While this may not seem like a big deal, search engines will ding you for having a slow site.  All the great keywords in the world won’t improve your SEO dramatically if large images are weighing you down. There are a few other benefits such as: smaller images use less bandwidth, they require less storage space so you can use a smaller hosting package, and creating and restoring from a backup will also be much faster (which if you’ve ever needed an emergency restore is a pretty important factor).

If you visit your own site often, you may not even notice as the images may be cached. But prospects visiting your site for the first time may be waiting 15-20 seconds for your page to load.

Let us do the work!

We are happy to:

  • Run scans and reports to determine how the images are impacting the site now
  • Review your site to identify images that might be too large and impacting site speed and SEO
  • Determine the best plan for optimizing the images based on their placement, quality, and volume. This will depend on if you have a handful of high-res images on two or three key pages, or thousands of uncompressed blog images across 5 years of posting.
  • Implement optimization plan in staging
  • Upon approval, we will apply optimized images to live site
  • Re-run scanning and test to confirm optimization scores have improved


We know you want to know how much your project will cost, but we need a little more information to give you a fair estimate.

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