Hosting Migration

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What is it?

A hosting migration is the process of moving a website off of one server and on to another. During this process all files are stransfered, the site is reviewed to confirm no functionality breaks in the process, security items such as SSL certificates and firewalls are transferred, and all domains are redirected to point visitors to the new location.

Why should you care?

Not all hosting providers are created equal and there may come a time when you need to change. Depending on the complexity of your site and the quality of your new host the process can be relatively painless or fairly complex. It’s important to insure that all files are moved over and properly configured so the integrity of your site is not jeopardized during this process.

image of files transferring from one server to another

Let us do the work!

  • Review your site and confirm there will be no compatibility problems on the new host
  • Update your site to insure it meets the requirements of your new hosting plan
  • Configure your new server to the latest PHP releases
  • Migrate all website site files
  • Review the site and test all functionality (including forms and payment collection)
  • Update all DNS settings to point to new server
  • Re-configure SSL certificates and firewalls to point to the new server


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