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What is it?

The short version – Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor part of the WordPress 5.0 update.  WordPress 5.0 is a much more extensive update than past releases. It has been highly publicized that the new WordPress Editor (Gutenberg) is going to completely change the way that site owners create and manage their content. WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg will impact everyone using WordPress, and the changes will be visible even to those who simply add new blog posts once in a while.

Why should you care?

Running the update can cause a number of problems. The biggest complaint we’ve had (and the fastest issue to resolve) is that WP 5.0 will change the way your content is controlled and edited. For a lot of people using page builders or who are able to make edits quickly these changes are unwelcome.
The other issue we see with WP 5.0 updates is that not all plugins, themes, and other visual editors are compatible with the update and both design & functional elements of a website may break.

Read our blog post for more details!

Let us do the work!

If you have run the updates and are experiencing issues, we are happy to:

  • Revert the website to an older version of WordPress
  • Identify the incompatibilities causing issues
  • Implement fixes for broken items
  • Review plugin licensing and identify the most up to date versions installed
  • Update all plugins to ensure compatibility with the newest version of WP
  • Push the updates to live
  • Restore classic interface on WordPress Back End


We know you want to know how much your project will cost, but we need a little more information to give you a fair estimate.

Time to call in the ‘A’ Team?

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