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What is it?

Google Analytics is an important tool for both troubleshooting and tracking traffic on a web site. It allows for the tracking of information such as who visits a site, where they are coming from, and how they got there.  These statistics can be very helpful for tracking the success of any marketing campaigns and the overall effectiveness of your site. It can also be crucial when trying to identify problems or block malicious users.

Why should you care?

Analytics provide insight into what is actually happening on a web site.  It is highly recommended that all sites leverage analytics to monitor and record traffic over time.  Even if the information is not actively used immediately, it can provide important data to help with future marketing campaigns of all types.  And as stated, it is very helpful for troubleshooting security issues in many instances.

Let us do the work!

  • Set up a new Google Account and designate it for Analytics
  • Configure Basic Analytics settings
  • Set http/https preferences and preferred domain information
  • Set location preferences as needed
  • Configure single overall view
  • Generate tracking codes and scripts.
  • Add tracking scripts to site
  • Add permissions as needed for external users (if requested)
  • Test and confirm that new traffic on the site is registering
  • Configure monitoring of analytics data (for managed clients)
  • Set up location/IP exclusions as needed
  • Configure monthly reports from Google (upon request)
  • Document all access information


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