Black Friday & Cyber Monday Campaign Package

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What is it?

In 2018 Cyber Monday sales projected to break records with over 7.9 billion dollars in online sales (almost a 20% growth over 2017 sales).  Between Thanksgiving and cyber Monday, approximately 17.8 billion dollars was spent in online sales. According to Shopify, 66% of their merchant stores’ activity was from mobile sales alone. More interestingly over the whole weekend (from Black Friday to Cyber Monday) Shopify merchants generated over $1.5 billion dollars.   Cyber Monday, is the largest online shopping day within the United States, period.

Why should you care?

This day is not reserved for BestBuy and big box stores. As the beginning of the Holiday season, Cyber Monday is an important opportunity to

  1. Begin advertising your brand and generate awareness
  2. Remove unused inventory by offering it as part of the sale period
  3. Driving interest in new product lines by offering them during the sales period
  4. Setup subscriber lists and collect customer information to target throughout the remainder of the holiday season
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Let us do the work!

We break Cyber Monday and Black Friday tasks into the following four buckets

ONE | Optimize

  • Complete an automated and visual review of your site. It may be working just fine, but any small fix can help with conversions – especially with the mobile experience.
  • Review load times and make improvements to the performance of key product and landing pages

TWO | Advertise

  • Generate banners and popups on your site to remind current clients you’ll be having a sale
  • Setup landing pages to direct anyone from paid ads
  • Generate email collection forms with proper list segmentation so people can get updates on the upcoming sale
  • Create proper automated responders and designed templates
  • Add any additional site and campaign tracking

THREE | Prepare & Post

  • Setup and test sale coupons or discount systems on staging
  • Discuss & if possible prepare for increased shipping during the holiday rush
  • Create collection pages for sale items
  • Update homepage to advertise specific sales collections
  • Setup email collection form(s) and segmentation for upcoming holiday sales/giveaways
  • Review and confirm abandoned cart emails and follow ups
  • Tag products as necessary
  • Update return policies and TOS for sale purchases
  • Discuss any increase needs for customer support or FAQs on your site
  • Create and test all items needed for sale period ahead of time so that day of implementation is a click of a button

FOUR | Disable & Followup

  • Disable Cyber Monday coupons and giveaways at the appropriate time
  • Setup any new holiday campaigns and advertisements for the shopping season


We know you want to know how much your project will cost, but every project like this is different. In order to give you an accurate quote we will need to fully understand your ideas and goals for the holiday season.

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