Add Shopify Sales Channels to your Store

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What are sales channels?

Shopify Sales Channels allow you to easily extend the reach of your store to other platforms while keeping your product details, images, inventory, order management, shipping, etc. all in the same place you know. So anyone viewing your Facebook or Instagram profile could at the same time purchase from you – helping to convert followers into customers.

Should I add sales channels to my store?

Due to the pandemic there has been a huge increase in the social media activity. 51% of adults have reported increased usage of social media platforms, saw a 27% increase in activity in March alone and according to one report in app spending on iOS went up 15%

Adding sales channels to the platforms your customers are using can help drive additional engagement while cutting out steps in the conversion funnel. Your customer does not have to leave Facebook or Instagram to go to your site, add the product to the cart, go to checkout, complete payment process. They see it in FB they buy it in FB and Shopify handles the rest.

Shopify dashboard with active sales channels for social media platforms

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