Add a Wishlist Feature to a Store

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Add a Wishlist Feature to Store

What is it?

A wishlist is a feature that allows customers (or future customers) to curate a list of products they would like to buy. Customers can come back to the site at a later date and quickly identify their items of interest and move on to make a purchase.

Why should you care?

While a wishlist does not result in an immediate sale, it helps to cultivate an interest in a product and brand making it easier for the customer to come back and eventually make a purchase. For a merchant, wishlist features cut down on the number of abandoned carts — meaning you can better market to your customers to push them through the sales funnel. It also allows merchants to calculate product and service interest without relying on sale data. This means merchants can identify possible consumer barriers such as price point.

Let us do the work!

We will:

  • Identify needed features and functions of wishlist
  • Recommend wishlists that meet desired needs
  • Install and configure wishlist
  • Make any CSS adjustments needed to match theme


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