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What is it?

A social feed is the thread of conversations, images, and general activity pulled from a social media network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Allowing visitors, customers, & clients to understand the many ways they can engage with your brand.

Why should you care?

Due to the pandemic there has been a huge increase in the social media activity. 51% of adults have reported increased usage of social media platforms, saw a 27% increase in activity in March alone and according to one report in app spending on iOS went up 15%

Social accounts allow businesses to connect with their customers in a unique way. Either through direct dialog, sharing important information, or through direct advertisement. Not all customers may be aware of your social presences, and pulling them into your site helps let customers know that your social accounts exist and that the content on them is current and relevant. It also encourages them to follow you and keeps your brand in front of them!

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Let us do the work!

We are happy to:

  • Collect links and necessary logins
  • Identify pages and sections where a feed is appropriate
  • When appropriate we will provide mock-ups of site changes needed to accommodate a new feed
  • Implement any needed development edits
  • Integrate the social feed into your website
  • Document all settings for future reference


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