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What is it?

A privacy policy is a document in which you state how your website and organization collects, uses, shares, and manages customer or even visitor information. The personal information can be anything tracked through google analytics ro medical history.

Why should you care?

Privacy laws are cracking down globally and recently California has taken measures to protect consumers with other states soon to follow. In addition, there are a couple laws that would impact specific fields such as HIPPA privacy rules, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act. Outside of the US the European Union does have very strict privacy laws under the GDPR that impact US sites who receive visitors from EU citizens.

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Example screenshot of WhatArmy's Privacy Policy

Let us do the work!

  • Provide boilerplate and sample privacy policies based on the client industry and general requirements
  • Provide some level of guidance on general best practices for privacy and publishing policies on the web
  • Create an new page with the privacy policy, format the page to match the general styling of the site, and publish it
  • Add links to all pages to help ensure that the site meets the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulationst


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