ADA Compliance – Level A Review Audit

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What is it?

The Americans with Disabilities Act was started to protect people with disabilities in the physical world. However, as websites and apps have become an integral part of modern life the laws now include services offered via the internet.  This means accommodations need to be made to ensure that information and services offered via websites are accessible to everyone.

Why should you care?

Websites and apps are the primary place that most people find and access information and services, because of this there has been a recent increase in lawsuits against those who do not meet or make an effort to meet ADA web standards.  Additionally, if your site is not compliant it also means there is a segment of users who are unable to browse or use your site.

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ADA Compliant technology - Blind person using computer with braille computer display

Let us do the work!

  • We will perform a manual review of the key features of a website
  • We will perform a full scan of the site using 3rd party toolsets
  • We will provide documentation that outlines any areas that are outside of level A and level AA compliance
  • We will provide basic options on how these issues can be fixed
  • We will discuss all findings in a conference call with the client
  • We may provide quotes for additional service if requested


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