Account & Login Recovery

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What is it?

It’s important to know where all your hosting is setup and what accounts you own. Often times when switching vendors and freelancers account information and logins get lost in the shuffle. We recommend working with old and new vendors to hunt down your accounts, gain access, shut down accounts that are not in use, and create a doc outlining which accounts are active and necessary logins for each.

Why should you care?

Your website is the face of your organization and it’s important to make sure you own and can access the necessary accounts needed to manage it. If there is ever an issue with your website or email you will need quick access to these accounts to resolve the problems.

login recovery instructions for godaddy

Let us do the work!

  • Work with your vendor to get access to all the items you need or any future vendor you work with will need
  • If necessary – setup a new registrar account (that you will own)
  • If necessary – setup a new Domain hosting account (that you will own)
  • If necessary- setup a new web hosting account (that you will own)
  • Coordinate with your vendor to make the necessary cut overs on their side to properly transfer ownership to your new accounts
  • If necessary migrate your site to new hosting
  • Give you a package of all the access information you will need should you work with another developer in the future, or ever decide to do something yourself.


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